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WonderWild is a design studio rooted in the belief that branding and design — when executed properly — can be a powerful and significant business advantage. We’re in the business of crafting brands that make an impact.

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We've worked with a lot of designers and Seth just "gets it." He listened to our objectives, understood our branding goals - and was able to churn out a plethora of design options in the first round. He was extremely receptive to tweaks while never feeling rushed, but we quickly nailed down our branding to something that we've received rave compliments on. We've engaged Seth in future projects, and will sure to continue to do so. His work ethic and quality of deliverables are top-notch!
—Principal, Mighty Citizens
Seth is one of the best designers I've ever worked with. He seeks to understand the entire strategy before offering creative solutions, and has an incredible ability to make an idea come alive from a visual perspective. Seth also offers feedback to improve the overall outcome of a project. I continue to trust him as a go-to resource for creative concepting, design, and branding.
—Ali Schwanke, Marketing Strategist + Business Consultant
There's always a bit of apprehension when it comes to hiring a designer. Will they be able to execute on your vision? Will they be able to deliver in a timely manner? What if I don't like version 1, how will re-works be handled? Well, working with Seth has always been as painless as can be and his expertise is always appreciated. Can't WAIT to work with him again!
—Collin Caneva, Chairman/Founder of GearFive, Inc.
A few years ago my Compete4Christ ministry was in desperate need of professional branding. Enter Seth Rexilius. Seth took the time to get to know my vision for the ministry and created a brand that fit perfectly. Seth has provided graphics for my blog posts, designed the cover for my first book, and made sure my website looked professional and appealing to my clientele. I can't imagine my ministry without him.
—Kurt Earl, Owner of Compete 4 Christ
Seth did a fantastic job in bringing our teacher recruitment brand to life and shining a light on what makes KIPP LA such a unique place to work. We've seen a great return on our new site and feel a buzz around the office as a result of the new page. We'd love to work with Seth again!
—Dan Newbold, Recruitment Coordinator at KIPP LA Schools
As a Creative Director, Seth is truly remarkable and unique. He is deeply talented in a variety of disciplines, whether that is design, branding, print, or thought leadership. Seth is fearlessly authentic and strongly committed to giving his best in any situation. He is an inspiring leader whom I've learned a tremendous amount from and whom I thoroughly enjoy working with.
—Jon Weiss, Owner & Developer at ShineForth
I'm so glad to have connected with Seth! He does a great job creating graphics for our magazine each quarter, and I would recommend his services to anybody who is looking for a graphic artist.
—Jenny Davis, President at The Partner Channel
I cannot tell you how many designers we went through before we found Seth. Not only does he find a way to bring your vision to life, he is amazing under pressure. As a start-up company there are often times when emergencies pop up and you need something turned around quickly. Seth has never let us down and our only regret is that we can't hire him full time!
—Collin Wallace, Founder at InterestMe
Seth is a gifted designer and creative director, and his talent is matched by his humility and easy-to-approach style. He is first and foremost an active listener, and never overbearing. His work is always fresh, and always on target.