Some things we believe

We believe in the power of design.

A recent study found that when people distrust websites, 94% of the time they cite design-related reasons (compared to 6% content related). If you want your print and digital materials to resonate with and influence your audience, you can’t do it without quality design.

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. Customers make up their mind about a brand within seconds of a first impression, relying on a plethora of subconscious decision making processes and associations. Perception is reality when it comes to branding. The value of a strong brand framework is invaluable. Investing in smart, beautiful design provides your business value that lasts for years.

We believe that doing great work can be really simple.

It doesn’t take a big agency do work that matters to the world and is effective in accomplishing business objectives. We will always strive to simplify — everything from our process to deliverables to communication. A few people focused and working together cohesively can accomplish big things.

We believe in the power of focus and momentum.

We’ve probably all been a part of a project that drug out for months beyond the intended scope, and by the end everyone’s resolve and excitement was wiped out. The longer a project takes the less likely it is to be completed. No one enjoys that.

That’s why we force ourselves to stick to our strengths, work efficiently and quickly, and capitalize on the natural rhythm and momentum a good project has.

We believe that life is bigger than us and the work we make.

We love doing creative work and consider ourselves incredibly blessed to be doing this for a living. But being the best husband and father I can be is more important than being a great designer. We are committed to pouring our best into our work without sacrificing the important things in life.


To see more on what we believe, check out our manifesto.