WonderWild accepted to clutch, brand identity studio

WonderWild is now featured on Clutch

A B2B firm based in Washington DC, Clutch produces ratings and reviews for software and professional service providers. WonderWild is excited to announce our inclusion on the site alongside many other reputable branding agencies.  

Using a proprietary research method, Clutch evaluates the entire scope of a company from the quality of their services to its client experience and market presence. Clutch analysts also conduct interviews with a company’s clients. The final reviews provide a prospective buyer with comprehensive insights into an agency’s business practices.

Needless to say, client feedback is important to us. It allows us to know where we have excelled, as well as areas we can improve. As a team of ambitious professionals and experts in the craft, WonderWild is always seeking new ways to accomplish the goals set out in our manifesto.

For this reason, we’re grateful to know that our clients are satisfied with the outcome of our work. Specifically, one shared with Clutch:

“Compared to other companies like theirs, the thing I appreciate is their attention to driving visual impact.”

We strive to stand apart in the industry by taking risks and creating thoughtful, intentional designs that bring real value to a business. Above all, we want our clients to feel that they can trust us with their projects. We are hopeful that the reviews for WonderWild on the Clutch site will help our efforts to build trust even further. You can visit our profile to learn more about the services we provide and past work.   

Overall, we’re looking forward to new partnerships and making even more of an impact via our collaboration with Clutch!