Our ideal client is someone who comes to the table with a vision, they can articulate their problems and needs, and then trust us as professionals to craft and execute the right design solutions.

We are not pixel pushers — that’s not what serving you best looks like. We’ll be honest when it comes to assessing our clients’ challenges and opportunities.

Our ideal client is not so much a particular role within a specific industry, but someone with a spirit of valor and adventure. It takes courage to do something new or unique, and we dig that. If you want to be bold and brave with your brand, we just may be a great fit.

We aren’t focused on one industry. Rather, we believe our thoughtful approach and bold aesthetic can serve a number of brands and markets with excellence. A few of them include sports, outdoor recreation, travel, food and beverage and high-end luxury brands. The impact strong design can have in these spaces is amplified, and our approach is versatile enough to work for each.

We believe hourly billing is a disservice to everyone involved. You don’t want to be charged for a 10-minute phone call and we don’t want to be punished for efficiency. We’ll work with you to determine the value our services can bring to your company, then give you a fixed quote for a scope of work. This simplifies everything and allows us to focus on what truly matters — the end result.

A number of factors go into pricing. They include the complexity of a project, scope, timeline, number of people involved, business value, deliverables, etc. Each project is unique, so we’ll seek to understand you and then offer a gameplan to help.

Of course, it depends on a number of variables listed above. Typically, our identity packages range from $5k-20k. We’ll give you some options to make sure the offering is just right for your needs.

Likewise, there are a multitude of factors at play in each website project. Depending on the size of the project and how deep we need to go with design, our visual design packages range from $3k-15k.

It’s up to you! We try to be flexible with our client’s timeline needs. Of course, giving the process due diligence is important. Most projects can end up taking anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Nope. There’s a lot we don’t do around traditional marketing and advertising. Instead we’ve focused our efforts on design only: logo and identity projects, graphic design and print materials (including packaging), and visual design for the web. If you need other services with your design work, we’d be happy to pull in the right resources or refer you to them. We strive to stay true to the power of focus and play to our strengths.

We love creating brands from scratch, starting with a new (or refreshed) identity system and then manifesting it into materials and products, both physical and digital. We thrive in starting with concepts, making them a reality, and sending them forth into the world. Which sort of makes us like proud grandparents of little brand babies (but without the hugging and kissing).

We believe face-to-face is important, especially in the early stages of a project when relationships are being formed and important discovery work is taking place. But we know that’s not always possible, and having a video or phone call can be effective when done right. As a project continues, we actually like email as a form of communication because written word often clarifies thought and forces us both to articulate clearly, which of course behooves efficiency.

  1. The Bible
  2. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
  3. Death by Living, ND Wilson
  4. Selling the Invisible, Harry Beckwith

Always! If you offer an ancillary service to design, we’d like to hear how you might come alongside us and help serve our clients. Shoot us an email and tell us a little bit about yourself.

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