1. Discovery: Brand Workshop

We start with you. During our discovery period, or Brand Workshop, we’ll ask lots of questions, listen, research, compare, analyze and review. Our goal is to get beneath your business, to the roots and people and dreams, so we can understand what makes your brand special.

Once we’ve spent time in fact-finding mode, we’ll pull together everything we’ve learned and begin to synthesize and define it. We’ll articulate your brand personality, market position, opportunity, audiences and project objectives, then weave those threads together to determine how we capture those elements in a creative, cohesive with with your voice, visuals and vibe.

Out of the brand workshop will come a creative brief + roadmap for the best way to create and implement whatever plan we establish together.

Brand Strategy [building a brand] process

2. Creative: Explore & Execute

Based on the strategic framework we’ve created in the Discover and Define stages, we’re ready to begin imagining how to bring your brand to life in meaningful, unique and beautiful ways. This is the time to think big, push the limits and consider what might be possible. 

As we explore ways to craft an authentic identity, we’ll start to hone in on the 1-2 directions that make the most sense, resonate with you and achieve our project objectives. We’ll listen to your feedback, make professional recommendations, refine and then perfect the final product.


3. Grow: Implement & Refine

Once we’ve guided your new brand to a place where you’re satisfied and excited, we’ll then evolve the visuals into a cohesive framework with a brand style guide. This will outline your key design elements and cast a vision for how to use them moving forward.

We’re now ready to create any and all kinds of marketing collateral that best represent your brand to the world. We’ll ensure your brand has a framework that is robust, flexible, consistent and memorable — in any medium or context.


If you have any questions about our process, just drop us a line. If you’d like to explore the possibility of working with us, our Brand Workshop is a great place to start. Or, if you want to read a little more, you can check out our post on why we believe Brand Identity is the Most Fundamental Business Advantage.