WonderWild is an independent branding studio empowering brands to stay wildly true to what they stand for.

We do that through thoughtful, emotive identity design and brand expression. We believe a cohesive, robust brand system can be a fundamental business advantage.

Primary Brand Services & Offerings

Full service is for the birds. Specialized branding + design expertise is our bread & butter.

Brand Strategy

Think of Brand Strategy as the root system of your brand. This is the stuff that is beneath the surface, where most don’t see. But a healthy root system ensures the health of the full tree.
+ Positioning & Market Review
+ Mission, Vision, Values
+ Brand Archetypes
+ Key Messaging & Tone of Voice

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is a distinct & unique system of visuals + voice elements that serves as the trunk of your brand tree. It’s the manifestation of your brand strategy into a framework that’s unique, flexible and robust.
+ Moodboards
+ Logo & Visual Identity Design
+ Responsive Branding Assets
+ Brand Guidelines

Brand Expression

Brand Expression is the culmination of the brand identity into a variety of digital & print materials. It’s a multitude of branches that grow in unique directions and shapes as manifestations of the identity.
+ Packaging & Print Design
+ Digital Assets (Social & Web Design)
+ Product Photography
+ Marketing Collateral & Company Swag
Our Client’s Experiences

From world-class brands to startups, we’ll help you look good & stand out.

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Let’s take your brand to new heights.

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