What brand is that? is the new What smells so good?

There’s something irresistible about the scent of fresh-baked cinnamon rolls. You buy them because they look like Grandma’s and remind you of home. It’s an aroma that makes you feel something. Great brands make you feel like cinnamon rolls smell. 

Why we dive into design heart-first 

In short, because so do your customers. And it turns out when we follow our hearts, the data backs us up: 

Why a strong brand is the best thing since sliced bread

We all judge books covers

And we judge product packaging even more. Making an enticing first impression is critical in an industry teeming with choices. We know a connection with your customers comes before a first bite. 


Age like a fine wine 

Wine’s value increases with age, just like a brand’s. When your identity that piques and keeps your audience’s attention, brand equity compounds over time. 


More touches = More points 

 How does your brand make your customers feel – and when? If your brand has multiple personalities, customers won’t connect with it. Let’s forge relationships that last. 


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Services : Made of equal parts science and magic



First impressions are everything, and they’re built on feeling. When your clients met your brand for the first time, how did they feel? Grade A packaging is the most impactful way consumers bond with companies.  



Branding is what makes consumers fall in love. It’s what makes your dream customers think, “you get me.” We start with strategy, then create visuals that wow. After all, 93% of communication is visual. Don’t tell that to our copywriters, who will craft copy like poetry. 


Graphic Design & Photography 

When you show customers who you are, they’ll believe you. Bespoke graphics and photography invite customers to get to know your brand. And because brand consistency is as important to a brand as a loyal customer is, we’ll make sure your brand is consistently amazing across touchpoints. 


Emotionally compelling design makes a lot of cents

Let’s get to the bottom line – yours specifically. Building brand equity today translates to compound value (and revenue) in the long run. While we focus on meaningful design that elicits feelings, we do it for good reason. The data is in: People overwhelmingly buy with their eyes, buy from brands that share their values, and buy new products from brands they already trust. Your brand is how you show customers who you are.

Make it yours. Make it meaningful. Make it memorable. And watch it boost your bottom line.