Brand Identity Is Your Most Fundamental Business Advantage

There’s only one you. Are you capitalizing on the incredible opportunity your brand identity provides?

A multitude of variables goes into who you are as a business or product and how that’s expressed as a brand. Put simply, everything about your existence coalesces and culminates into your brand identity, giving you a flag to plant that no one else in the world can claim.

Your brand identity is an expression, visual and verbal, of who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why. It should be entirely unique to you, not exactly like any other brand in the world.

Sidenote: Your brand identity is not your logo. Your logo is the tip of an iceberg that is a visible representation of your brand, informed by the essential ingredients of your identity. It can’t tell your whole story and shouldn’t try, but it should initiate the right story.

So when we talk about brand identity, we’re talking about a robust anthology of elements that make you, you.

It’s rooted in your mission-critical ethos and values. It’s influenced by your people and processes. It’s informed by your position in the marketplace, audience and the competitive landscape you operate within. And it’s shaped by your ideology and vision for the future.




Your brand identity is a promise. It’s a story. It’s a handcrafted and curated collection of elements that represent everything you stand for.

Analyzing and synthesizing these crucial components of your brand should lead to a brand identity that accurately represents who you are to the world, creating a unique impression and affecting the proper perception.

So, are you maximizing impact, or losing it?

Not having a clearly defined & creatively expressed brand means you’re lacking authenticity and impact. You’re missing out on the opportunity to emotionally engage your tribe and give them something to connect with. Worst of all, you might be creating the wrong impression in the marketplace, losing impact, audience and ROI.

But when you’re able to get to the essence of why you exist and communicate that in a way that creates distinction, you can earn a meaningful place in people’s lives. It makes you human, authentic and engaging. It creates personality, depth and a greater purpose. Your brand identity is a business advantage.

Of course, creating and growing your brand is difficult. It takes expertise, insight, creativity, and consistency.

Once you have your brand identity defined, articulated and crafted, then it’s a matter of expressing that identity through different mediums and contexts over time in ways that are unified, flexible and memorable.

If you are focused and consistent with the way you express your brand identity, then over time you create brand equity that grows and matures with you in the marketplace. This allows you to maximize impact, both internally with your team and externally in the market.




In short, your brand is the sum total of perceptions. Brand Identity is your greatest opportunity to influence the right perception, create distinction and be remembered.

Don’t be mistaken: your brand identity influences your bottom line. Consider if a well-crafted identity, over the course of a year, allows you to increase market share by 5% or increase revenue by 10% — because you’re resonating with the right people in the right way. And then that growth exponentially increases over the next 5-10 years as you continue to prune and strengthen and grow your identity, along with how it’s expressed.

Whatever you’re paying, odds are you’ll see that return and so much more.

If you want to thrive, your brand is not a burdensome expense but a necessary investment. It is your opportunity to create a business advantage that no one else can claim — because no one else is just like you.

If you feel you’re losing impact due to your brand identity (or lack thereof), let’s chat. Our simple but focused process ensures we ask the right questions of the right people to uncover insights that will enable us to craft a robust and flexible design system unique to your business.

Can you afford to not invest in your brand? A better future awaits.

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