Sophistication Can Be Simple

Sometimes great work is complicated. Maybe there are lots of stakeholders, decision-makers, primary and secondary audiences, marketing messages and agency reps involved. Maybe you’re building a complex software system that’s never been built. Or maybe things are just disorganized.

But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Quite often, complexity is unnecessary, slows momentum, discourages those involved and ultimately bloats the budget and timeline of a project. This is something we refuse to accept.

Great work can be simple. The process to get there can be simple. The communication can be simple. The strategy, design, development, and support doesn’t have to be bloated with extraneous information.

Simplicity brings clarity. Clarity influences understanding aligns expectations and crystalizes primary objectives in a way that enables people to focus on what really matters. When that happens, the potential for impact is unlimited. You can really connect with people in a meaningful way.

So join me in the struggle against complexity, and let’s strive for simplicity together. It’s where the power lies.

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