One Family Brewing Co.

One Family Brewing Co., based in Virginia, is a startup brewery that has big plans for creating a farm-style environment that is inclusive, welcoming and family-like. We partnered with Peaktwo to craft a the brand identity for One Family and create for them an aesthetic that perfectly represented the ethos of their mission. The logo is timeless and collaborative, and the supporting design elements create a sense of warmth and family. Focused on serving veterans, it was important for the brand to feel respectful and create the perception of community and inclusivity. Not only does the new visual identity give a “look and feel” to the vision of the owner, it also gives them a flag to plant in the market as they continue to raise funds and invest in their future.
  • Brand identity design
  • Logo & Secondary mark
  • Label Designs
  • Packaging
  • Social Graphics
  • Print Ads
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Event Banners & Materials
  • Creative Direction

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